Clinical grade bio detergent washing powder


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Here with we wish to introduce ourselves as a manufacturers and exporters of MEDIDET brand herbal based bio detergent washing powder and soaps. The company has mainly focused on innovating new products using our traditional herbs for the benefits of common man to lead healthier life.

Exclusively made to wash kids’, patients’ and their care takers, ladies during menstruations‘, clothes & inner wears and for all those who are keen in hygienic living.

Quantity: 2 Packs
Weight: 700 Grams+ Additional 100 Grams
( Each pack weighs 350 + additional 50 Grams).

 MEDIDET is manufactured to satisfy the requirement of the people who are searching for bio based, non colored natural washing materials. It is an environmental free, biodegradable, non toxic, non hazardous, non irritating, anti allergic, anti fungus and anti bacterial.

 MEDIDET is a natural approach, concentrated formula bridging the traditional and modern methodology. This is a neem based washing powder, soap with new era fancy masalas first time in India.

Some of its contents and characters

Neem Oil         : Neem is clinically proven to be anti-viral, anti bacterial, anti fungal, anti parasitic and anti inflammatory. Neem has proven effective against serious skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, acne, dermatitis, herpes and many more.

Aloe vera         :  Aloe gel has been used for topical treatment of wounds, burns and skin irritations.
Lemon               :  Giving natural approach to cleaning and removing stain.
Turmeric          :  Natural coloring agent and also act as anti septic.
Chappathikkalli :  Natural bleaching agent and anti septic.
Padigaram        :  This is also an anti septic.
Eyucalyptus      :  Used as a natural perfume as well as antiseptic.

Briefly about

  1. Medidet is a herbal based washing material suitable for machine and hand washes.
  2. Turmeric is used as natural coloring agent as well as anti septic.
  3. No chemical dye colors are used to prevent children from taking poison in the form of soap color.
  4. Aloevera is used as an anti septic, gives smoothness to skin and it also maintains the moisture of soap and powder.
  5. This is a neem based washing material with new era fancy masalas first time in India.
  6. No caustic is used to give better life for clothes and relief from skin diseases.

Some of its contents and characters:


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    Clinical grade bio detergent washing powder
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